Hello + Welcome

I'm so glad you stopped by! Let's get to know each other!

Being a portrait photographer has been a dream come true for me. I have been blessed beyond measure: having been afforded the opportunity to make a living at a "job" that I absolutely adore, all the while meeting news friends and finding again old ones. Photography is one of my many passions.  It allows me to capture all the things I love most about LIFE! The wild and wacky, the sweet and tender, the totally unexpected... the REAL things. It also allows me to cultivate relationship with people that I likely otherwise would not, and I've noticed, most particularly in the last few years, how grateful I am for the people that photography has brought into my life. 


In addition to being a photographer: I am the wife of my high school sweetheart for nearly 18 years, and the mother of two boys who have taught me more about love (and patience!) than I ever knew existed.  I believe you can never have too many dreams, and the bigger the better! :) I can't do without coffee....or chocolate. The beach is my favorite place on earth. And, I like pink - a lot! 


I hope you'll stay awhile, check out all the galleries and the blog and then give me a call! We really should get together! It'll be great fun!